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1. a part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel
2. the part of a batter's strike zone most likely to produce a home run.

"In someone's wheelhouse" refers to something being within one's area of competency, like command of a ship is within a ship captain's abilities. Whatever your marketing needs may be, there’s a good chance it's in our wheelhouse

What we believe

We’re a full-service marketing agency in beautiful Greenville, SC. Since you’ve landed on our site, you’re probably looking for help with a marketing project and trying to determine if we’d be a good fit. So, let’s start at the beginning and tell you about what we believe:

  1. You have a something to offer the world. We want to help you tell the world about it.
  2. Your story is best told when it’s consistently communicated online and offline with one cohesive message.
  3. You shouldn’t always wait for people to find you. Sometimes people need to hear your story even if they don’t know it yet.
  4. If you’re paying experts to help with your marketing, each member of the solution team should actually be an expert at what they do.
  5. If you can do some things for yourself, but need help in specific areas, you have the right to do that. We’re willing to fill the gaps in your skill set without constantly trying to upsell you.


In short, we develop custom marketing strategies and execute coordinated online and offline messaging.

Once we truly understand what you’re trying to accomplish, we’re experts at putting together a solution. And we’re experts at bringing in the right expertise to execute that solution well. We know, we used the word “experts” enough to make any copywriter cringe, but we’re trying to make a point. Every member of our team is an expert in their area of discipline. We won’t have the summer intern driving your strategy and the associate assistant photographer’s sister proofing your website. You get the point…

Want more specifics on some of the core solutions we offer?



The Wheelhouse Group is different than any other agency you’ve worked with. We say that we are a "marketing agency re-imagined". The Wheelhouse is a collaborative agency – leveraging the expertise and resources of the members in our incredibly awesome cowork space. All of our members are seasoned professionals who have made a living being good at what they do. We combine all of that expertise into one cohesive solution, without passing along the weight of big agency overhead to you. And while you have a small army of experts at your disposal, you’ll still have one point of contact and one vendor to manage. We like to think that it’s the best of both worlds.





Whether you have an insane deadline, a crazy idea that needs exploring or want to make a shift in strategy mid-project, we're willing to go there with you. We're happy to entertain your wildest notions to help grow it into your next brilliant campaign, or simply just listen to your goals and provide insight and strategy into how to achieve them.
We strongly believe the best ideas are a result of intense brainstorming sessions where separate ideas are pieced together to form one really incredible one. Arguments = good, Silos = no good.
We love challenges. And we love the opportunity to think outside the box. So, any opportunity to let our ideas go unbridled is super swell by us.
Your success is our success. And, boy, do we want to be successful. So, we'll go to great lengths to make that happen - including, but not limited to, dumpster diving. Been there, done that. Don't really want to do it again.
We try to stop problems dead in their tracks; but let's face it, not everything goes as planned. So, we vow to reach into the furthest crevices of our brains to come up with solutions that will ensure your projects go off without a visible hitch.
We like our clients. A lot. And we really enjoy getting to know them on a personal level too.
Truly. We're constantly asking ourselves "what's the right thing to do", and let that question serve as the guide in our decision-making. We'll take on any fight to make certain you are being treated fairly and your expectations are being met to the best of our abilities.
We take this gig very, very seriously. We lose sleep over it at night and believe our performance is a reflection of who we are. It's all about character. And we want to be known as having it.
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Rebecca Cale

I am a founding partner at The Wheelhouse Group where I am the primary doer. I like coming up with a plan and executing it seamlessly as possible. I’ve worked in marketing my entire career and have worked both client-side and agency-side. I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level and delivering results that surpass their expectations.

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Jeff White

I am a founding partner at The Wheelhouse Group where I am the primary talker. I like people and solving their problems. I’ve been in marketing all of my career and have worked with hundreds of nationally recognized clients. I enjoy coming up with ideas that make clients successful and help them achieve their goals.

Ryan Alford

Ryan Alford

I consider myself to be equal parts creative, strategist, and type-A account guy. My ad agency career took off in 2001 managing marketing for Verizon Wireless. My teams laid the foundation for the explosive growth that Verizon achieved from 2001 to 2010 working on brand and product campaigns like “Can you hear me now?”, Droid, “We never stop working for you”, and the iPhone launch.

I have developed marketing strategies and creative for some of the world’s largest brands – like Toyota, Audi, Verizon Wireless, Lexus, Deny’s, Firehouse Subs, and the Dallas Cowboys. My passion turned into the relentless pursuit of newer and smarter ways to connect and market businesses.


Teresa Duckworth

I am a designer at The Wheelhouse Group and I specialize in direct marketing. I love learning all about the client and their target market to design creative that will deliver results. I enjoy exploring the psychological side of design of direct marketing and how to apply that into my design.


Steve Godwin

I am the resident analytics guru. I have authored several analytics tools including MicroModeling. I have worked with national data compilers to test and implement many new products and have extensive experience in working with national companies to educate marketers in profitable marketing and to redefine goals and objectives.

I previously served as Senior Director of Data Analytics & Modeling at a large national agency, and President of DataMarketing Network.

Noel Hendley

Noel Hendley

I’m the analytics and direct marketing guy. I have spent my entire, 30 year career in business development. I build strategies to increase results and reduce costs using a consultative approach to determine the best way to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

As a direct marketing professional, my expertise lies in a variety of verticals including insurance, financial services, retail, travel, real estate, casinos, higher education, non-profits and many others. My primary success in analytics is in customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Lyle Red

Lyle Red

I am a front-end developer. As a Web Designer & Developer, I partner with small business owners and non-profits to help revitalize their business in the digital space.

I’m passionate about not only developing a website with great design but also one that works flawlessly and leads a site visitor to the desired action.


Holly Vanderwal

I am a content marketing consultant at The Wheelhouse Group. My international career has taken me from Madrid, to New York City, and now to Greenville, SC, with experience spanning from start-ups to global publishing corporations. A content-marketer at heart, my specialty is leveraging content to stimulate lead generation and customer engagement via email campaigns, social media and blogging. I create long-term plans for content generation and distribution, making sure small businesses always have something to say.


Jack Connolly

I am a professional photographer and videographer here at The Wheelhouse Group, and I specialize in capturing moments as authentically as possible. Weddings, businesses, editorials, portraits, and commercial work—I shoot it all. I love meeting new people, and that's why I was drawn to working at The Wheelhouse. This space is more than just a room of desks, it's a place for collaboration, and I love that.


Kathleen Scott

I design and produce live stage productions for corporate events. I help my clients bring their objectives for an event to life on stage through set design, messaging, content design, video production, and so much more. It’s my job to create the audience experience – in line with the clients’ objectives – and then make sure it’s executed flawlessly.


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